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I had “ricing ” a term used in the soap community  for “your soap batter go too hot” and the oils and additives or fragrance have joined together to make little rice shape clumps in the soap batter  that can be blended out. There are better explanations for ricing out there I will get to learn them with time.  beautiful soap below was my first experience with ricing and I have been trying to duplicate the soap again.  I get pretty soap but not one that looks like this one does. I lots to learn,  more soap to make and some Software to master so consider this a test page.

Here are two more soaps with contain the same recipe and the one above, colorants, oils, and fragrance and you can see they are not quite exact.  Fun to make and more beautiful smell girly good soap has been created.  Rose fragrance oil (FO)  and soaping hot causes the titanium white colorants to marble.


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