Gradated Color in Soap June 2017

This month challenge for soap making for Amy Wardens Soap Challenge is to design a soap that uses mostly gradated colors.  This means that the soap needs to start dark go to light or  start one color and gradually blend into another. I had fun with this challenge and enjoyed it. Thank you Amy and the sponsors and judges and especially the other soapmakers for sharing their work and experiences. This was fun!

BATCH NUMBER ONE:  I used the following ingredients: Olive oil, Coconut oil, Avocado oil, wheat germ oil, castor oil, shea, butter, goat milk substitution for water, sodium lactate, Copper runway mica/Crafters Choice (CC), Tahitian Teal mica/ Mad Micas; Blue Shocker/Mad Micas, scented with Love Spell/Natures Garden.  This batch and the process went smoothly but the combination of goat milk, and oils did not  exactly come out like I want,  I had a little weep of  glycerin from the soap and my gradation was not pretty.   I had seen soap rocks on the internet and thought they were cool,  I love turquoise so I decided to make soap rocks out of half of the soap bars and I really like them. See how pretty the soap looks after being molded into turquoise rock.. I love them !

Batch (1) and beautiful Soap Rocks see the Gradation? 

BATCH NUMBER TWO I liked it very much except I could not really say I saw a gradation in the soaps from light to dark as far as the Value of the color.  I decided to use an impression matte,  I love those and it just seemed to be what stuck in my head for the other batches of soap I made for this challenge.  On this batch I had the last minute urge to put a hanger through the soap for swirls after decided that I need more value in the dark and light in my transitions of color.  This recipe for this batch olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, castor oil, 38% water 5% super fat, sodium lactate, Blue Shocker Mica/ Mad Micas;Mermaid Mica/Mad Micas; Neon Yellow Hello Powder, Crafters Choice; scented with Love Spell from Natures Garden

BATCH NUMBER THREE  This design was to try  to use layers like design number two I wanted to use mica line and the same colorants but I did not I used the same recipe as in soap number two but changed colorant and fragrance the colorants are ocean blue flare/Nurture Soap (this is a cosmetic glitter that I used on the impression matte); Copper Runway Glitz mica/Crafters choice; Peacock/Mad Micas, Golden Embargo Fragrance by Mad Oils.  I had trouble with acceleration with this batch due to the fragrance an thought it would not be so bad because of the layers in the design but well I was wrong the soap accelerated way too fast in this batch.

Batch Number Four I am back to wanting a gradation of value in the color that I had not been able to achieve in my other batches and I went back to the impression matte, in the major part of the soap I wanted a gradual change of color light to dark and on the bottom of the soap I used Tatsiana Serko dancing funnel design to add interest to the bottom of the soap. I must be a little gaudy and have to remember less is more even in soap design. Ingredients: Olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, avocado oil, castor oil, mango seed butter, sodium lactate, for the white I used a mixture of kaolin clay, snow white mica/Mad Micas with a little titanium dioxide, Harold purple crayon/Mad Micas, Queens purple mica/Brambleberry,  Orchard purple/mica nurture soap scented with Lavender essential Oil.



4 thoughts on “Gradated Color in Soap June 2017

  1. A actually like all of your attempts, but the purple really is striking. The glycerin crackle adds to the visual presentation. And the soap rocks… love ’em!


    1. I use to have a lapidary and cut turquoise with my father I would love to have some real rocks like that thank you for looking at my soaps I enjoyed this challenge and it too a while to get gradation for me I learn so much with these challenges.


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