Soap Dough May 2017

Soap Dough Challenge May 2017


Amy Wardens soap challenge for the month of May 2017 is learning how to create home made soap dough. For this challenge we had the honor of having a wonderfully skilled and technically amazing teacher Titaina Serko of Creative Soaps by Steso.   Thank you also to the sponsors and judges of the challenge.  Amy’s guidance, patience and the professional management of the challenge make it fun and a great learning experience she explains ” Soap dough is a specially formulated cold process recipe that can be molded, and then hardens like regular soap.  It opens up a wide rand of creative possibilities!! Anything you can create with polymer clay (or fondant)! you can create with soap dough.”  Thank you Titaina for providing us with four soap recipes and for the brilliant  instructional video.  You share so much in such little time, and make everything look simple.  I used Tatiana’s recipe number two for my challenge.  After seeing the group facebook posts and learning from the questions and answers supplied in this group I will try this technique again.    I like the fact that you can color the dough with dry mica is pretty nice, but I did not like doing it that way.  I am a messy soaper as you can see in my pictures of the mica bottles 🙂  I would probably color my soap before I make the next project so much to learn.   For this challenge I tied to concentrate on the process and technique.   I will use a different recipe the next time, excited to do that.  I had a few problems with my dough, however my  questions were asked and answered on the facebook link.  One of my favorite facebook post was the  recommendation of putting the dough through a garlic press to get the crusty edges worked out 🙂 Good thinking ! I love the facebook page I feel like I get more information from it and hope it continues for the next challenges.  Tataina stated that the recipe that I choose was good for balls, so I created balls.  I used a painted glass eye for the dragon eye.  I know I have just touched on this technique and enjoyed the learning experience  All of the soap shown below is from the same batch  recipe 2,  mica colorant and no scent.     

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10 thoughts on “Soap Dough May 2017

    1. thank you Amy I am early as you see with my submission…. only did one batch this challenge. I can not wait to see the other submissions the ones I have see already are great!!!


    1. thank you Ronda I appreciate you checking out my Soap Challenge yes it was a fun project I was amazed at how the soap cured and got hard. Very good instructions for sure 🙂


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