Rustic Soap Challenge 4/2017

The challenge this month  is to make a completely rustic looking soap and to come up with rustic packaging for it.  This is one of those challenges that I need to do because I have really been overwhelmed with packaging and this will be good for me. 🙂 The definition for rustic soap given to us for the challenge by Amy Warden states ” What sets a rustic soap apart from a “plain old soap” is how you package it—and how you photograph it. For this tutorial, I will show you how I make hot process soap in the microwave, as well as how to rebatch fresh soap, and also give you lots of great ideas to simply package your rustic soap in a way that will make it stand out. ”  So there you have it !! so many new things to try and what great resources and information.  How Fun!

I enjoyed seeing the different soap making processes  that Amy presented by all of the soap makers that she used in the challenge.    I had never thought to combine cold process soap making with hot process and I still plan on trying that.  I have been saving soap scraps so I looked at my container of shavings and cool embeds and decided that I would use the rebatch instructions that Amy provided in her tutorial.  I had been waiting for a challenge like this for a long time, so here we go!

I choose to rebatch my soap scraps using the crock pot method.   I filled my crock pot with 28 ounces of soap scraps and added  1/3 cup of castor oil, and 1/4 cup water, out it on high, stirred, and let the soap cook for about an hour.  After about 45 minutes I checked the temperature and the soap was at 157 degrees I turned the crock pot down and I added 8 additional ounces of soap scraps. I  let the soap cook for fifteen minutes, stirring and adding a little more fragrance, then I scooped the soap into my molds.  I made two batches of soap using this method of soap making and I believe they came out rustic.  I ended up doing two batches of this rebatch soap and both of them came out pretty cool, definitely rustic and I like the wild color.


I liked the first batch ( the second set of images above) and the next challenge was to package it with a rustic look. I used craft paper, shells, ect it is a lot of fun to decorate soap.  I really enjoyed this challenge and decorating and packaging soap is just like wrapping a present ! Also if you like my blog please check it as liked !!! I don’t really notice but there must be a like start somewhere  haha!  I appreciate all your comments and suggestions  for improving my work thanks for you time visiting and  I wish everyone luck 🙂


10 thoughts on “Rustic Soap Challenge 4/2017

  1. How fun!! I love doing rebatch too. I never thought I would! It’s just so great to see how your scraps can become usable and even fancy! You did a great job putting your colors together too. I like both of your packaging ideas, but truly like the one you entered the best. It is definitely a lot like gift wrapping! (One note: I started out using oil to help melt my rebatched soaps until someone pointed out that it may be too much superfat and could reduce the lather since there’s no active lye in rebatched soap.)

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    1. Thank you Amy, I needed to do this challenge, I was also wondering if you considered using sodium Lactate and did you know if that made the bars harder… and I’m sure they need some cure time the soap is pretty and pretty soft. . I also wanted to say I did learn that when I screw up and get those (I call them Dreaded Titanium Dioxide ) TD specks I learned from my experience here that this rebatch process did not touch them darn it they were still there in my rebatch soap waiting for me to work them out! Very hard to get rid of them! So maybe you just have to use hotter heat and more aggressive mixing tools to conquer that problem 🙂 yes the thought about the oil makes sense I had never seen this way of reaching soap and I thank you for showing us 🙂


  2. These are awesome! Love all the fun colors and combinations, not to mention your fearless approach to just going for it. Tend to hold back a wee bit myself, so its fun to see how great these can turn out. Love the touches on your packaging as well. 🙂

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  3. What amazing soaps you created, Lisa! I do think the one you entered is more rustic looking, (sorry lovely purples and pinks, I guess I am being rather stereotypical!) and cannot get over how perfectly the labeling matches the design of the soap! Beautiful job all around! And thank you so much for sharing your process and informative documentation! 😀

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    1. Love your Suds the vibrant colors are some neon soaps I have been saving, I thought they would give it pop I think very few pieces of the neon color a difference in my second soap. Thank you for reading my blog and looking a you for your comments. my soaps 🙂


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