Secret Feather Soap Challenge 3/2017

I really enjoy participating in  Amy’s Warden’s Soap challenge because I always learn something and find it so much fun.  This challenge for March 2017  is the secret feather which lends itself to mystery and contemplation when creating a design for the soap.  To quote Amy  in her introduction  “Secret Feather Swirls were originally accomplished  by Claudia Pazdernick in Austria,  she published how she created a feather inside a log of soap. ” The technique can be modified by changing the variable that is what makes this challenge fun!

The technique is pretty cool once you have the patience needed to pour a straight line of soap down the center of a log soap mold.  I used a crafters choice 3 pound  silicon mold with dividers.  I’m not sure using dividers is the best option for me but I have not tried without them so I’m on the fence on that.  To explain the feather,  you layer colors of soap on top of each other in layers down the center of you soap, ( these are your feathers) and the rest of the soap is added slowly to the soap mold at the right time while  pouring the feather . Once you have all your soap layers poured then you take a clothes hanger or hanger tool push it straight down to the bottom of the mold and then swing is across the bottom of the mold to make the stem easy right 🙂 

Experiment ONE    My first attempt at the swirl was a little ambitious  the plan:  In a nut shell: Bottom layer = bright neon yellow oh yes add a pencil line also Body= tan (neutral color )Feather= a fabulous explosion of color amethyst purple mica (BB), brazen hussy red mica (MO) , neon yellow hello (CC) fragrance peppermint fluff (NG)  Top=still fabulous color!!!!   My first batch, well  I don’t quite know what to call it but ha ha what a learning experience! what went wrong well lots of things for one WAY TOO COMPLICATED OF A PLAN ! and soap that is quite odd 🙂

First try at elegant secret feather soap

EXPERIMENT TWO :  Second try at secret feather swirl came out “Peaceful”  and natural ingredients. I really wanted to have a feather in my soap. The plan for the second soap was simple. Body:  I wanted the color of my oils as the body of my soap Feather:  colorants rose clay & activated charcoal.  Recipe hemp seed oil, coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil, shea & kokum butter, hemp seeds, no fragrance, no color for the base only the nutty smells of the oils. . The soap came out quite beautiful the Natural oil color of the soap quite pretty.

NO Colorants or Scents 🙂


Clay & Charcoal & Hempseed

Experiment three — I thought I had it all under control, I wanted to make a flower and had all these drawings and plans to do one.  The recipe olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, argan oil, caster oil, sea butter, sodium lactate, tussah silk, neon pink (MO) voodoo pink (MO), bright yellow rain coat (MO) neon yellow hello (CC) hunter green(MM) Cosmic Purple (MM) Apple Sage fragrance (BB) sodium lactate, titanium white.  It surly did not come out like a flower, imagine that, I thought it might but I got a feather yes “Secret” 🙂 FUN! I have a rainbow feather, no flower, but is a lively bar of soap and I enjoyed the challenge!

Cutting the secret feather
The Cut, No more surprises ! the secret is out!




Experiment #4 and my last one really I guess it does not matter what you get either a feather, a sitting rib cage, plant life they are beautiful. Olive oil, coconut oil, soy bean oil, castor oil, shea butter, goat milk, queens purple (BB), Gold Green (BB)gold coast holiday (CC) green chrome (MO) matte cobalt blue oxide(MO)  neon violet (MM), sodium lactate scented with black raspberry vanilla (NG).  Back to fancy pants ideas again and I wanted to created a leaves not really feather this is what I got 🙂 I did not used the dividers in this batch and it was easier. However I did use a couple of quirt bottles for the colors down the middle.












9 thoughts on “Secret Feather Soap Challenge 3/2017

  1. Holy freaking cow, Lisa!! Your entry soap is beyond stunning!!! I am so glad you used the photo you did because it gave it such a fabulous look at the texture and colors. It looks velvety and sooooo luxurious! And OMG those colors!!! Thank you for sharing all of your other attempts too. They are all gorgeous. Your entry soap though is an absolute knockout!

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