Melt and Pour and Cold Process Soap

I really love making soap and learning from other wonderful soap makers 🙂   The February 2017 soap challenge documented here is to make soap using  two types of soap processes,  (CP)soap method,  and melt and pour (MP) soap.  Thank you Amy Warden  for doing this challenge and for the expertise that you provide in your tutorials!

Recipe for the cold process (CP) soap using vegetable oils:  Rice brand 30%, Palm 30%, Coconut 76 degree 25%, Sunflower 10%, Castor 5%.  I used “Artminds” brand of  clear melt and pour soap (MP)  purchased from a local craft store for this project.   I would highly recommend that you purchase  low sweat MP soap as recommended by Amy in the tutorial for the challenge.  I have used this brand of MP soap before it is a nice soap but it does really sweat due to the humidity in south Florida.

What I tried to do with this design was to highlight the greens in the CP soap.  I used neon colorant along with clear MP soap with cosmetic grade black glitter  for pop. I had difficulty on this soap and the MP was too thin for my design. The soap did not exactly turn out like I envisioned I wanted to see the MP but after getting use to the soap I like it.


Apple Sage Soap


Colorants used for this project:  Snow white, Pot O Gold,  micas; Joan Jett Black Glitter, and Titanium Dioxide  from Mad Oils (MO), Hunter Green, and Glitzy Green Neon mica from Mica’s and More (MM);  Apple Gold mica from Bramble Berry (BB).  Technique used for design:  I used a crafters choice 1501 loaf mold with a center insert installed so I could pour the soap batter down the center of the mold to create the design.  I used the center separator as a guide for my pour and alternated pouring both CP & MP soap on the center divider to for the design.


I used a log mold with a divider and poured the soap down the center of the mold to create this design.

I tried to match  the soap colorants to the fragrance when making this soap.  I like to use a “picture board” to mix my color  for a color reference because it keeps me on track.  The thought process was to use green micas  for the CP soap swirls and  sparkly black glitter in the clear MP to give the soap design glamor, depth and accent.  I mixed in 2 tea. sugar and silk to distilled water,  before I added the lye. I added the Apple Sage fragrance oil (FO)  from Bramble Berry (BB) to the oils before I added the lye.  The oils were hotter than usual I experienced acceleration of trace which made the pour difficult.


References: color board back right for mixing colorants; soap recipe using soap calculator software on back left; colorants and MP soap front

Lessons learned:  I added the fragrance to the oils before the lye and over blended the CP soap while also using higher temperatures than I am use to ie.. 110-123 degrees which  thicken the soap – don’t do this!  Pouring down the middle of the log mold over the divider was not as easy with the difference in liquidity between the two types was considerate (thick blobby CP to runny all over MP).  I placed the soap in a warm  oven 170 degree (turned off before adding soap) overnight and cut it the next morning.  I learned that I should have addressed the fact that MP is much more liquid than CP soap which required me to think about my design differently. It is very important when making the decision on which type of technique and mold to use and important to consider when planning soap designs.

The second batch of soap I made came out better I used the Magma type pour and I worked well see Pink Magma Soap below:


Thanks for taking the time to look at my work !! All comments and advice is welcome here 🙂 I hope u like this blog



19 thoughts on “Melt and Pour and Cold Process Soap

  1. I think the flow of the lines is very cool! The colors match your palette quite well and overall you have a beautiful soap!! It probably would have turned out very differently if the CP soap hadn’t been as thick, but it also might have been more muddy. Thank you for sharing your experience with us – what worked and what didn’t. I hope you are getting settled into your new place!

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  2. Amy I appreciate your feedback,,,, I enjoyed participating look forward to seeing other soaps designs with piped flowers, embeds and stained glass looks to them. I also love the red in the soap that you made for your presentation beautiful.


  3. So cool! I love both soaps you tried here. So visually appealing! If you didn’t talk about some of the issues you had making them, no one would know! They came out so beautiful, it seems like it’s what you intended all along. I am in love with your color palettes…I may have to try something like that for a future soap. 🙂 Great idea to keep your concepts organized.

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  4. Just beautiful! I love how both your soaps turned out. The design is gorgeous and the colour combinations are lovely! Thank you for sharing your soapy story, it is so informative! I never used MP prior to this challenge, so I learn a lot from your experiences, thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

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