Sandhill Cranes

IMG_1166I have been blessed with living in south Florida this year where sand hill cranes rule the neighborhood.   They are amazing birds to watch, they mate for life and since they are giant birds their playful dances are a joy to watch. They sing!!! and I love to here them talk and sing and yes it is really loud 🙂  The crane usually like to walk in pairs, with their young following along. I love to photograph them when I see them because  I think one day I will paint them.  I have not taken a photo that I consider good enough to show off their majestic beauty but when I do I will paint! Who knows maybe tomorrow I will post a beautiful painting, but I just too busy watching these elegant birds full of life and personality.


I enjoy these birds immensely even though there are so many other birds that I love to watch I get to see these birds just  hang around.

IMG_0247 (1)IMG_0399 (1)IMG_0261

How could you not love to have these beautiful bird around to admire?

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