Soap Challenge Club Dancing Funnel Soap

Even after watching Amy Warden’s great instructional videos,  and reading about Tatsiana Serko beautiful soap  making, studying and printing the material I just miss things. Ha Ha!   So much creativity and grace in Tatsiana’s soap making process and in her blog.  I’m not graceful so,  I had to figure out… yes, those are not  different sized dots dancing in the Dancing Funnel Soaps. Here are my soaps that I was able to make for the Dancing Pipe Challenge.  I use a flat crafters choice silicon mold 1701 for these soaps and the same oil recipe changing additives for the different soaps.  The soap was mixed by hand using a whisk to the emulsion state and then fragrance was added.  The soap was divided and color was added and soap was put in plastic squirt bottles at a 1:4 dot to outline soap ratio. After pour the soap was  oven processed  at 170 degree for 30 minutes then the oven was turned off and the soap was kept the oven over night. My next blog about making new soap will start  with the one I submitted to the challenge I will go backwards and try not to babble and keep it short 🙂

Cosmos Soap One

I thought I would put all sizes in my first funnel soap for fun even counting one, one, one, One-two-three ect:).  We also hand mixed this soap no stick blender to emulsion and then put the soap in plastic bottles.  I mixed my color before I put my soap in the bottles for poring.   I did not mix up enough soap  (color) and didn’t expect matching to be a problem but it was. I put the soap in a 170 degree oven for one hour turned the oven off left the soap in the oven overnight. Unmolded and cut the next day.  I flew through making this soap and forgot to take pictures of this soap the mold. The soap came out quite fun even though it had some disqualifying flaws 😉 !!


Cosmo Soap  Ingredients: Avocado Oil , Castor Bean Oil, Olive oil , Coconut Oil, Shea Butter: Additives, silk, sodium lactate, Brazen Hussy, Neon Orange, Twilight (Mad Oil Mica’s) I ran out of soap and had to mix up more color and did not mix the color for  second batch the same shade of red the same as  the  bottom so I ended up drawing inside of the circles the with the new color and I had fun so much fun I forgot my essential oils.  I can not wait to make this again.

Bodacious Blue Dancing Funnel Soap Two

This time I took another approach by going over Amy’s videos again and really loving the first soap.  I wanted to do it again but in a more organized manner  I picked out a color theme from the internet printed a hard copy of my reference material and taped it on a Masonite board, and created a color board.  Yes, I know same color scheme but different, I like red!



I also love the  blues in this soap they are truly neon blue and lovely. Bodacious Blue Soap  Ingredients: Olive oil, Rice Bran Oil, Coconut oil, Shea butter, Castor Bean oil, lye, water, sodium lactate,  Neon Orange, Brazen Hussy red, Twilight micas (Mad Oils), Bodacious Neon Blue (Mica and More)  Kaolin clay, silk, sodium lactate,  Loving Spell fragrance oil (FO) Natures Garden.

Bodacious Blue Dancing Funnel Soap

The tops of the soaps were oily; this was the oiliest of all of the batches, maybe because it was a smaller batch of soap with the same processing. The oil soaked back in all the soaps  almost right away I have questions about this.  Hum On the left you have the carefully planed soap and on  the right not planed I think I like both.

All Natural Dancing Funnel Soaps

Big Dot Camo Soap Three

This time I wanted to see what the color combination of just plain soap alternated in the design next to dots colored with Zinc Oxide. I alternated the center colors for the soap always keeping the outside dot Spirulina green through the soap. Ingredients: Olive oil, Coconut oil, avocado oil, castor oil, shea butter, lye, water,silk, Sodium Lactate, Spirulina, Zinc Oxide, Eucalyptus essential oil. Put in the oven 170 degrees then turned the oven off and left the soap in the oven overnight. The soap looks organic, the soap looked velvet on the top and a wonderful design!  what joy! We have big dot camo soap that did not come out looking at all like Dancing Funnels, then the second batch came out great with  little same size funnel pours with two color Spirulina dots and a rim of cocoa brown around  the green dots for a happy Dancing Funnel soap below that really shines :}

Big Dot Camo Soap it looks like velvet


I poured two colors for these dots, one dot no color, the other zinc oxide I could not tell the difference when I finished
Eucalyptus Big Dot Camo Soap

Natural Eucalyptus Camo Soap Four

The camouflage soap was the next and this is my favorite soap out of the challenger but I’m not finished yet!!  .Ingredients:  Olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, shea butter, caster oil.  Additives Silk, Sodium Lactate, Cocoa Powder, Zinc Oxide, Spirulina, Eucalyptus essential oil. Yes finally figured out that the same size circles strategically place would be the thing to do.  I loved the way this soap turned out  eucalyptus soap how cool is that! It would be great in pink:} .

Here you can see one color (Spirulina green) and two values of the color lighter and darker dancing funnels, Green (Spirulina)  and the same green with white added to change the design
Camo Soap after planeing

Natural Camo Soap five

The third soap is a charm, I decided  to change the design by not using al planer, filling the mold up to full capacity, and only using one color value. Ingredients:  Olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, castor bean oil, shea butter, lye, water, silk, sodium lactate, kaolin clay, Spirulina powder, zinc oxide, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Cedarwood essential oils


Fresh Eucalyptus Camo Soap


Camo Soap



The bottoms of all the soap look like this

Natural Camo Soap SIX no zinc oxide

In the oven  on a late Thursday night I whipped up another batch of Dancing Funnel Camo Soap just like Camo number 5 but with  NO zinc oxide. I read the MDS on zinc oxide and it is not a natural ingredient, it is a great in skin products for sun protection. Ingredients:  Coconut oil, olive oil, rice bran oil, caster bean oil, shea butter, sodium lactate, silk, cocoa powder, Spirulina powder, pink and white kaolin clay, eucalyptus essential oils.  I have had a great time learning during this challenge and I cant wait to see all of the beautiful soaps that have been created. Here are the pictures from that last batch with no zinc oxide the Clay works fine, it is easier for me to incorporate into my soaps.  However, if you are out in the sun don’t forget your sunscreen !  So here ya go Dancing Funnel soap Camo 6, just like batch 5 with no zinc unplaned and smelling of Eucalyptus. I love this technique !!! thank you for sharing it with us Tatsiana Serko and Amy Warden.


12 thoughts on “Soap Challenge Club Dancing Funnel Soap

  1. I love your different camo soaps – I think #4 is my favorite. Great idea to use Eucalyptus eo – seems to “match” the colors.
    You really put a lot of effort into this – how great to experiment with so many batches!


    1. thank you for choosing a favorite I kept changing my mind on this challenge. I love the look of the soap planed but I like the fuzzy velvet look just out of the mold too. I think the planed soap looks cleaner maybe will probably end up planing all the soap do not care much for beveling the soap either I like them to be perfect out of the mold don’t we all :)I hate to waste the soap – you do get great soap balls!


  2. We might have to name you Dancing Funnel Queen after all those batches!! Wow! The final soap has a great look to it! The colors are fantastic and it appears your circles are very equal in size and shape. The batter must have been a great consistency as it appears the layers are the same throughtout also! Great job, Lisa!


    1. Thanks Amy I had too much fun with this one I liked all the soaps I made and was going to enter soap 4 but I read your discussion about zinc not being natural and well I didn’t need zinc for color anyway so I made another batch should have probably planed it but I can later. Ha love Dancing funnel queen, oh how funny!


  3. Wow, you really went to town, Lisa! They are all incredible but I cannot tell you how much I love the un-planed tops on your soaps, ESPECIALLY the “Bodacious Blue”!!! It is stunning and so amazingly beautiful! Great job on your entry, too! They all turned out fabulous!


  4. Thank you Debi, I did have a great time with this challenge maybe it was the squirt bottles 🙂 I appreciate you choosing a favorite too. I learned a little with each batch and from the other entries. They are great! I love going through them everyone makes such beautiful soap I really like seeing other blogs with additional pictures and experiences. Maybe I went overboard ha ha 🙂


    1. Christine I wasn’t sure if I was going overboard or that the information was helpful. I haven’t perfected the “art of the blog” – the blog came with participating in the soap challenge club ( so much fun!) thank u for your feedback appreciate it.


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