Pipe Divider Swirl Soap Challenge Club


I believe the pipe divider swirl technique was beneficial as a design tool for using slab molds and a beautiful creative design technique.  Yes, watched the instructions several times and off I went.  I was very excited to go to Lowes and get the pipes that were suggested.   I  picked up everything from 1/2 inch up to 3 inches maximum. I enjoyed the mystery of what was going to happen even when there were few variables, with limits of 4 colors for the challenge.  I know more  color might have led to many muddy soaps but who knows?Lesson learned: ( Are smooth pipes easier to work with?)  I probably purchased the wrong kind of pipes I did not know there are different types, but the ones I purchased had a small lip in them which i did not like and they kept a lot of soap with them when I lifted the pipes out of the mold.  I did not have a wooden slab mold and now I want one, however I did have everything I needed and I had a good time. The colorants used in this soap are titanium White ( water soluble Mad Oils, Activated Charcoal Coconut (Crafters Choice, Brazen Hussey Mica (Mad Oils, Copper Sparkle Mica (Brambleberry) I love the name Brazen Hussey it makes me smile and I love the red!!! it is beautiful, a tasteful neon ha ha. The idea with using the Copper Sparkle Mica was to have it outline the Brazen Hussey Red and it was used first the the red afterwards, the Copper Mica color took on a very neat effect not metal looking but I would love to put the Mica down first in the molds see if it was shinier. It looked like if you took a plainer to  the back of the soap you might get copper polka dots, but I loved the front of the soap too much to take away too much soap. Gold Polka Doted Soap I don’t think I have seen any yet, what a curiosity.


I used the recipe that was provided by Amy for the challenge and tried to be very organized with this challenge.. I thought everything out exect taking pictures before and after I finished making soap due to lack of time during the process. I am not capable of taking pictures while I am making soap so it looks like this is going to be a big improvement for me.  I did take a picture before I started of my colorants, and the mold ect.  I did not have a wooden mold as I mentioned so  I used a silicon mold that had ridges embedded in the bottom to provide uniform soap bars. . The little ridges made it hard for the cocoa butter to stick the PVC pipe to the silicon mold.  my answer to this problem was more pipes I used 1/2 inch pipes to up to 3 inch pipes in this soap. I ended up planning the soap because it looked better.



I made several attempts at the pipe swirl, the second attempt was fun and came out beautiful.  I also tried using a recycled box and got wonderful results the colorants used in the second try were activated Charcoal, Neon Yellow ; voodoo Pink; Twilight (Mad Oil) essential oils of Geranium and Lavender.  However, I got crazy with glitter on this batch of soap and after I did so I read where there were no embellishments allowed. Yes, Glitter the wonderful embellishment!  What I learned here is that planing the soap not only reveals a beautiful under color in your soap, but you can leave glitter outlines in some designated areas  in the soap which I thought was lovely and will be using again in soap design.


second try at pipe swirl using box, and after planing the glitter off the top layer of the soap notice that some of the glitter can be left embedded in the soap. IMG_1625 (2)



23 thoughts on “Pipe Divider Swirl Soap Challenge Club

  1. I love how the copper outlines the red, Lisa!! That was such a great color – and design! – choice! Still haven’t had a chance to use the Brazen Hussy mica yet, but it really makes a nice, bright red. Thanks so much for sharing your process and what worked and what didn’t. I really like the second soap also – you’ll have to make more soap with glitter after the challenge is over!


      1. Thank you Amy I have enjoyed the Pipe Swirl technique and I can’t wait to experiment more with it. The other entries soaps are so beautiful it is hard to only vote for three favorites! Much much fun!


    1. Thank you Lisa you comment is appreciated I made so many and the technique makes beautiful soap! I love the think fat sculpted soap but the colors after planeing really pops:)


    2. Thank you I enjoyed this challenge I will get better at documentation I appreciate your comment do you have another favorite from mad oils? So far my other favorite mica from them is Voodoo pink go figure:)


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