Sculpted Soap Challenge

My name is Lisa Rapp and this is my first Amy Warden’s soap challenge and first blog.  I got the inspiration for this  soap from Claudia Carpenters “Sunrise” soap and used a watercolor painting as the design.  I posted my soap in the wrong place on Face book and called it Sunshine Lavender Soap. I made three batches of soap before I got it right.  I was so relieved to finish the soap, photograph it, and get in online I didn’t think much about the name.  After I rested I laughed, no I used Coconut Lime for the scent.  I should have called the soap Sunshine Coconut Citrus Soap. With that said, I hope this information is helpful.  The instructor for the challenge was Claudia Carpenter of Om Nom soap blog. I used the recipe she provided in her instructions: 42% Lard; 22% Costco Mediterranean Blend Oil; 25% Coconut Oil (76 degree); 11% Castor  with the exception of using Daily Chef 100% Pure Olive Oil instead of the Costco Mediterranean Blend Oil. I used Mad Oils Mica’s for colorants, and Nurture soap Coconut Lime fragrance oil.  I made the embeds for the sun using Claudia’s recipe using PVC pipe. First batch –  Claudia’s soap recipe  divided into three cups,  added kaolin Clay and fragrance oil (FO)to each cup as I poured and sculpted the soap with the exception of the last cup I added confetti soap pieces. I used plastic cutting boards to create  the sculpting tools. This soap  turned out pretty cool not what I expected. I  liked the design but my sculpting skills not good.   I used a sample of Fresh Pomelo fragrance oil (FO)  from Crafters Choice for this batch (very fast  acceleration) exactly what I needed and smells great. I also used Essential Depots Red loaf mold – made it harder to sculpt for me.  The image on the left show the plastic sculpting tool, the mold, and embeds, the one on the right the soap. I liked the design however I made a horrible mess making this soap and it was fun.


Second batch- Same soap recipe, wider mold (crafters Choice #1501), and I used foam core board and made new sculpting tools.  I divided soap into three cups added kaolin clay & Fresh Pomelo FO to each cup as I poured the layers  and changed design a bit.  I learned that my embed might be heavy for the design and I needed to work on placement.  I did not add confetti soap pieces to the third layer and used straight Voodoo pink mica for the sky.  I liked the design of the first batch better and working upside down just blew my mind.  It got better at sculpting and worse with dyslexia still very messy and fun. IMG_0743



For the final Sunshine Citrus soap  I used – Crafters Choice 1501 Loaf Mold.  I  made new foam core sculpting tools, and  used Nurture Soap (FO) Coconut Lime did not accelerate like the Fresh Pomelo but worked and smelled great, got better with sculpting and this is what you see here.  I used Mad Oils mica’s to do a in the pot swirl  and to draw the sunrays, and used confetti soap pieces in the foreground grass. I will have some beautiful soap to use for confetti soap in the future but the experience was fun, and I learned by doing and since I am a visual person the challenge was a great adventure. Thank you for reading and checking out my Sunshine Soap. I have updated my blog to include the Voodoo Wave soap I made working on this challenge.


On the left above picture  is the final Sunshine Citrus Soap.  The sculpting went as planned and I liked the variation in the sky and the confetti grass and the deeper purple.  In between cleaning up the Sunshine Soap I had to try to make the  Wave Soap I used the same artwork as a inspiration for “Voodoo Waves”  shown on the right.

15 thoughts on “Sculpted Soap Challenge

    1. Hello Claudia yes I will try to get pictures uploaded to the blog. This is my first day using the program and I was not sure it was a good program or if I was saving my work. I tried but could not upload pictures to the blog today but failed. I’ll try again later tonight to learn the blog program and work on it. I just sat down and looked at other blogs for the challenge and will work on mine. thank you for compliment and the email.


  1. ALL of these soaps are beautiful, I would have had a hard time choosing which to enter! I am so impressed that you not only made the soap, but the original paintings as well. Great job!


  2. You are very talented Lisa! Beautiful watercolor paintings ~ I can see where your vision for the soaps came from! Nice design and colors : ) I like your waves soap too!


    1. Thank you -this was my first soap challenge and I’m learning a lot about making soap! I learned so much by reading the posts, blogs, ect. The Soapmaking and creating skills in the group are incredible. after all hOw much fun can you have in a kitchen and not gain weight;) I appreciate you liking my watercolor I have never posted any artwork on line either. Maybe I will….I will have to think more about it and get use to new technology this was great fun.


  3. I’m so happy for you, Lisa!! You’ve done a lot of learning – not only soap but also technology! I really enjoyed reading your story about how you made your soap and the lessons you learned along the way. The third soap turned out beautifully!! Great job!


    1. Thank you Amy for your clear and precise instructions and hosting such a wonderful learning event . You are talking with someone who avoids technology. I’ve being studying soap making for short while and I could not have learned this out of the books, blogs, and videos that I have read and watched. The other soapers and the blogs have great information and ideas. What fun!


  4. Congratulations, Lisa on a fantastic soap, especially for your first challenge! And congratulations on a very successful first blog post too. You are obviously very artistic and talented and I look forward to seeing you future creations!

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  5. Well done for your first challenge. Your soap is lovely and the design is well thought through and well executed. Once you have tried one challenge, I’m sure you will be back for more! It’s addictive!

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